Investing: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham


November 24th, 2021

44 mins 26 secs

Season 7

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About this Episode

The Intelligent Investor

By Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, first published in 1949, is a widely acclaimed book on value investing. The book provides strategies on how to successfully use value investing in the stock market. Historically, the book has been one of the most popular books on investing and Graham’s legacy remains.

Key Takeaways

Investment is not gambling or speculating
An investment is going to protect the principal and provide an adequate return. Anything that does not meet these criteria is speculation.

Margin of Safety
In simple term, Graham's goal was to buy a dollars worth of assets for $0.50

Defensive Investor
Not every investor has a lot of time to analyze the stock and invest. Graham said that the majority of people should be a defensive investor. He said, aim for an investment portfolio of 50-50 split between stocks and bonds, and rebalance every year base on the changes.

Enterprising Investor
This kind of investor has a lot of time to spend looking at the market. As enterprising investor, you can choose the correct stocks and bonds to invest in.


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