Season 4

Sept. 25, 2020

The final days of Socrates - Plato

Describes the trial and death of Socrates in 403 BC.

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Oct. 12, 2020

The Confessions by Saint Augustine of Hippo

The book Confessions was the first autobiographical work written around 400 A.D. during Saint Augustine's early 40's. Augustine d…

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Oct. 19, 2020

Enchiridion by Epictetus

Epictetus was born as a slave around 50 AD. After gaining his freedom he decided to dedicate his life to philosophy, even opening…

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Nov. 16, 2020


Happiness is the main goal in life, we can achieve this by pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. But also by taming our desires an…

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Nov. 20, 2020

The Republic - Plato

The republic is an examination of justice in an individual and justice in a city. To Plato, justice is an appropriate balance bet…

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Dec. 26, 2020

Seneca - On the Shortness of Life

A wise collection of thoughts around how to live a good life where you pay attention to what matters and don't get caught up with…

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Jan. 23, 2021

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

One of the greatest Roman emperors personal reflections and exercises to understand himself and the universe

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Feb. 3, 2021

The best books of 2020

Recap of the favourite books we read from 2020 and the biggest lessons we kept with us

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