Wiser Than Yesterday

Hidden Gem

tl:dr These guys are fantastic!! LISTEN!

Podcast genre -
Discussion of an acclaimed or notorious non-fiction book in under an hour

This podcast, Wiser Than Yesterday,
stands out for MANY reasons -

text selection;
structure of presentation;
intriguing and numerous ambitions
of creators for their podcast
(realized with ever more success,
book by book);

BUT: Most distinctive is the smart, startlingly honest talk
by and between Nico and Sam

Sure, also the occasional playful,
off-topic, goofy, awkward, etc. remark pops up, haha,
and these moments only enhance
the experience : )

which always lands back
on their True North - thoughtful, considered and edifying commentary
and conversation

Recommendation -
LISTEN, listen, listen
Listen during commuting time or work-out time or baby’s nap time, whatever,
it is
a perfect get-away

💜 and gratitude for Nico and Sam,

a Los Angeles Mommy home-schooling (happily) through these challenging

Sept. 19, 2020 by KJMLALA16 on Apple Podcasts

Wiser Than Yesterday