Business: The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz


March 31st, 2021

27 mins 20 secs

Season 5

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The Hard thing about hard things

A valuable book for tech entrepreneurs, The Hard thing about hard things helps throw light at the challenges a CEO goes through.

Ben Horowitz launched Loudcloud in 1999, just before the dotcom bubble. Their company offers enterprise SaaS to tech clients. Then the trouble began

  • Because of the dotcom bubble, many of their customers went out of business
  • Had to IPO to survive, during hard times
  • After going public, they pivoted to become OPSware, a radically different business
  • They got threatened to delist from NASDAQ
  • They had mass employee revolts

In the end, he sold OPSware for 1,6B to HP

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Rating: 6/10


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